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Don't Revenge!

Posted by GoodTrader on Mon, 11 Feb 2013 , Add your Comments !

Do not Revenge!

Have you recently suffered a great loss in your trading? Do not fall into the temptation of revenge!

After a loss, don't get crazy to try to earn you money back, this is revenge trading and is very dangerous.

Your goal is to make good trades and accumulate gains over time. Do not try to recover with a single trade your recent losses, the chances are that you increase your losses and your frustration.

It is very easy to fall into the excitement of trying to take revenge on the market by opening a highly leveraged position to compensate your injured pride, but that's not being a good trader. Being a good trader is to accept the loss and gradually return to trade the markets.

The revenge is never good, even if you make money on your trade revenge, what you will be doing is practicing a bad habit.

Never be aggressive in the markets, better come out to play sports to eliminate excesses and restore your emotional balance.

Exercising is a good practice to the trader, running, cycling or any other exercise can clear your mind and you can trade the markets with the right attitude to succeed.

In the market, the good trader accepts defeat and admits his mistakes, so can go ahead, learn from it and increase their expertise as a trader. There is no place for vengeance on the markets.

To avoid opening a trade for revenge I try my best to get out of my seat and walk away when I feel angry about a recent loss. I can not avoid feeling angry, but I can avoid making a mistake in my trading.

Happy Trading!
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